Channel Paradise has its roots dated back in 1970s with a workforce of more than 500 employees. It has already proven itself as a preferred gaming supplier in the industry, specializing in sales, marketing, manufacturing, concession and leasing of
electronic gaming machines and equipment and also one of the major operators of concession & leasing programmes in Asia.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing of amusement & gaming machines and casino equipments and chairs.

Engineering Services

Repair & maintenance services, machine turnkey installations & gaming system integration and maintenance


Numerous machines concession program, engineering support and management.


Corporate office in Malaysia

Presence in 10 Asian countries :-

Malaysia | Singapore | Cambodia | Philippines | Macau | Vietnam | Myanmar | Laos | Nepal  | Timor Leste

Total workforce of more than 300 employees across Asia Region.


Chief Operation Officer

Chuah Eng Meng

General Manager

Datin Wira Rosewinnie Heng

Vice President Special Projects

Yvonne Yu

Relationship Manager

David Kung

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Sharon Lim

Key Account Manager

Nicole Khor

Technical Support Manager

Eric Ooi

Technical Specialist

John Lim

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